Volunteer Positions


President - The BOSS; can delegate everything

  • Is the spokesperson, and represents the Lakehill Association.
  • Chairs meetings for Board, Executive and General Membership

VP Administration - The right hand person

  • Coordinates the portfolio positions of registration, communications, and policy development

VP Operations - The right, right hand person

  • Coordinates the portfolio positions of equipment, grounds, umpire coordination, and uniforms

VP Baseball and Softball - one position for baseball and one for softball

  • Think they are the BOSSES; BOSSES of everything Baseball or Softball
  • Coordinates the portfolio of assessments, team balancing, coaching and player development

Secretary - The REAL BOSS

  • Keeps the Board, Executive, and volunteers organized and on track
  • Issues notices, takes notes, and keeps records of meetings, decisions, reports, …preferably in a timely manner

Treasurer - Likes math and numbers; $$$$$$$$$$$

  • Receives and deposits monies, keeps accurate and timely accounting records, prepares an annual operating budget and financial statements

Umpire in Chief, Baseball and Softball - one position for baseball and one for softball

  • The Blue Team, and sometimes in Red
  • Coordinates the education, training, and mentorship of umpires as well as upholding the rules of the game, and interpretation of the rules of the game

 Player Agent - much like neutral Switzerland - fairness, safety, and ethical

  • Oversees player assessments, drafting, and team formations. Validates players’ ages and residencies for player eligibility, and keeps and submits records of team rosters. Also facilitates volunteer criminal record check process.


Baseball Director of Development and Softball Technical Director - different titles but same thing

  • One for baseball and one for softball
  • Responsible for quality experiences on the field – coach and player development and training, player and team assessments and assignments

Umpire Coordinators, Baseball and Softball - one position for baseball and one for softball, preferably two individuals who can and will work together

  • Working with the UICs to schedule age and skill level appropriate umpires for scheduled games
  • Scheduling umpires for 3 to 12 games per week in playing season

(Park and Team) Schedulers, Baseball and Softball - one position for baseball and one for softball.  Again, works best if the two work together!

  • Some love of computer skills required. Might be good for someone who prefers computers over people?
  • Schedules team games and practices into website computer program. Principles for scheduling have been developed and can be shared.
  • Busiest during weeks leading up to start of season

Registration Manager - some good computer skills preferred, but its fairy well set up and already pretty smooth

  • Coordinates the website online registration process including set up of forms, payment transactions, and creation of and/or uploading of approved rosters
  • Active during pre-season winter registration period and roster approval period (1-2 weeks)

 Uniform Manager and Uniform Assistant Manager - Important job keeping players and coaches looking good so requires two people

  • Maintains inventory of baseball and softball uniforms (jerseys, shirts, socks, hats….). Keeps records of uniform assignment per player and ensures return is in good condition. Also able to spend money on occasion to keep the Association looking good year to year.
  • Busiest during preseason for ordering, start of season (1-2 weeks), and end of season (1-2 weeks)

Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator - preferably likes to talk to people and has good relationship building skills, perhaps a used car salesperson

  • Working with our community partners for renewal of annual sponsorship as well as soliciting new partners and support for the Association

 Equipment Manager – we accept hoarders or not, and those who can find deals and discounts   

  • Maintains inventory of baseball and softball equipment. Keeps records of equipment bags assigned to teams/coaches. Able to spend money by purchasing new and shiny gear as needed.
  • Busiest in preseason for ordering (1-2 weeks), start up periods (1-2 weeks), and end of season (1-2 weeks)

Grounds Manager - loves the outdoors, grass and dirt, heavy hand tools and machinery

  • Ensures fields can be looked after by teams and that conditions are safe and playable: cutting grass on an adhoc basis, fill for infields, maintaining field prep equipment such as rakes, shovels, and chalk.
  • Busiest at start of season and then varied during playing season based on number of games and weather conditions

 Baseball Coach Coordinator

  • Provides overall support to baseball coaches

Safety Officer - no medical degree required; general common sense is critical

  • Ensures process for safety and incident reporting and general safety advice and guidance

Web Manager - techie guru preferred, do you like Team Snap?

  • Keeps website information up to date, posts and communicates information for the Association. Relies on content experts from other volunteer positions to supply information for upload.

Governance and Policy Director

  • Adhoc assistance related to policy. Want to see our policies change, or new policies put in place, this is for you!

Volunteer Coordinator - coordinates all other volunteers.  The BOSS of all BOSSES, not just Board members, Executive positions, but also coaches, managers, and all other association helpers.

  • Helps members find ways to volunteer and assist. Looks for helpers where the Association needs help in a fair and equitable way.

Divisional Coordinators – multiple positions but one individual to assist with the coordination of each age division.

  • Consistent, efficient, effective and age appropriate administration of each division. Coordinating coaches, players, fields, training, and competition.
  • Any ambitious individuals are welcome to coordinate more than one age division!

Baseball: Mini-Tball; Tball; Mini-Minors; Minors; Majors

Softball: U9 division; Junior and Senior Ladies (ie 19 years+)