Lakehill offers baseball for children ages 3 to 12 years and fastball for girls at the U9 to U23 levels.

How to Register

  • For baseball, check to see if you are in the Lakehill catchment area via the League Finder page .  You must either reside or your child attend a school in our catchment area to register for Little League baseball at Lakehill. The Baseball page has information on our various levels.  You’ll note that there is some overlap in ages between the programs as kids may play up or down based on preference or ability. For the majors, minors and rookie-minors levels, there will be assessments held in mid-March for the purpose of creating balanced teams and to ensure players are placed at appropriate level.
  • There are NO boundaries or catchment rules for fastball. Lakehill Ball is a Softball Canada / Softball BC park and welcomes players from any community or neighbourhood.

Lakehill offers fastball at the B and C levels. See information on age divisions and B/C player assessments in the Fastball section.

  • On-line registration begins in January of each year.  See registration page for more information.
  • Lakehill uses Teamsnap for registration. Parents will need to set up an account the first time they go into the system. Your account will then be set up for future registrations.
  • Team formation will begin in early March, so please register before the end of February. Teams can fill up sooner, so register early.
  • You can expect to hear from your coach with regard to team formation no later than April 1st.  If you have questions at any time, you can email the park at
  • New players are welcome at any age and level.


Registration Fees

Baseball DivisionAgesFee
Mini T-Ball3-4 years$50
T-Ball4-6 years$155
Mini Minors5-7 years$165
Rookie Minors7-9 years$205
Minors8-11 years$215
Majors11-12 years$215

Fastball DivisionAgesFee
U98-9 years$160 (free for first time lakehill registrants - contact before registering)
U1110-11 years$160
U1312-13 years$215
U1515-16 years$215
U1917-19 years$215


Refund Policy

Refunds are requested in writing to

Before opening ceremonies: full refund less a $25 cancellation fee

Within 7 days after opening ceremonies: 50% refund

After 7 days: no refund

Medical refund, with doctor’s certificate: $25 cancellation fee

Should restrictions (e.g. pandemic) implemented by the Provincial Health Officer, Province of BC, or Saanich Parks & Recreation result in the suspension of a Lakehill baseball or fastball program(s), the Board will convene an emergency meeting to determine if any refund will be returned to parents.  The board will consider factors including the length of suspension, percentage of season already completed, and up-front costs expended by the Association to run the season to date.

Financial Assistance

The programs listed below offer financial assistance to parents to provide opportunities for children and youth to play sports.  Click on the links below for more information on how to apply.


What is supplied, what you’ll need


  • Each player will receive a uniform consisting of a shirt/jersey and a hat.  Starting at the Rookie Minors level, players will need to also wear grey baseball pants for games.  Socks may be available to purchase through the registration process.  All players must wear a Jock/Jill beginning at the rookie minor level.
  • Each player needs to have their own baseball glove and helmet.
  • There will be team bats.  As players move up in divisions, it’s common for them to have their own bats but each team has some for use.  It’s also common for players to wear baseball cleats once in the Minors and Majors level.
  • Note that if you’re buying a baseball bat, it must conform to current Little League regulations.  See the Little League bat resources page for more information.


  • Each players will receive a uniform consisting of a shirt/jersey and a hat.  Players will also need to wear black pants for games. Socks are available to purchase through the registration process and at uniform pick-up time that will match the team uniform colour.
  • Each player needs to have their own softball glove and helmet.
  • There will be team bats available.  As players move up in divisions, it’s common for them to have their own bats but each team has some for use.
  • Cleats are recommended at all levels.  At the U15B level and above, players can wear metal cleats.
  • If you’re purchasing a helmet or bat, they need to conform with Softball Canada approved equipment standards.
  • Protective Face Masks for Pitchers U1&7 and Below
  • Face masks/cages are required on helmets for all players.

Uniform Information

Uniform distribution times will be shared closer to opening of the season. Players must pick up uniforms during their designated team’s times. If a player is unable to attend this pickup time, a separate ‘Open’ session will be held during Opening Ceremonies.

At uniform pickup, every player is required to provide separate uniform ($100) and volunteer ($200) deposit cheques, post-dated July 1st. Players without deposit cheques will not be issued a uniform (no exceptions).

Deposit cheques will be held by the treasurer until uniform returns and volunteer requirements are confirmed at the end of the season. Cheques will be shredded postseason.

Volunteer Program

The below information is applicable to all player families (except Mini T-Ball and T-Ball).

Lakehill is completely run by volunteers and we need everyone’s help to make this a great experience for all the kids. While Lakehill has an executive team comprised of board members who help to make sure each baseball season is a success, caring for the park and hosting games, events and tournaments requires many volunteers (and that’s why we need your help).

Deposit cheque:

Each family is required to provide a post-dated $200 volunteer cheque at the time of uniform pick-up. Please note that this cheque is per family, not per player (should you have multiple players, please share this at the time of uniform pick up). As noted, this cheque will be shredded post season if your volunteer hours are met.


Families are required to do 4 volunteer hours by completing park-related duties throughout the season. You can report your own hours in this link.

Volunteer Hours Self Report Form

Park Duties:

  • Park duties are separate from those that are needed at team level (see details on “team” duties in section below).
  • Park duties include tasks such as: planning/running tournaments, planning/running opening ceremonies, park-clean up, field maintenance (lawn mowing, etc), park maintenance, uniform distribution night, fundraising, coaching, team manager (for older ages), etc.
  • Parents will report their volunteer hours via a webform on the Lakehill website (please note, this is the only place to submit your hours).
  • Hours will be counted at the end of the season, and families lacking their required hours of park duties will have their cheques deposited.

Throughout the season there will be many opportunities to volunteer and most of the volunteer activities are quick and it’s a great way to be involved and to meet other parents.

Team Duties:

In addition to park duties, your family is expected to undertake team duties as well (team duties do not count towards your 4-hour volunteer requirement).  Team duties include tasks such as the following:

  • Field prep pre/post game
  • scorekeeping; and
  • other team-organized tasks.

Your team manager will give you some specific information at the start of the season, including these standard expectations of parents.

  • For Mini T-ball, parents will be on the field as parent helpers with their child.  Don’t worry if you have never played baseball or softball, you’ll be directed on what to do at each station and it’s all about fun and learning basic skills.
  • Starting at the Rookie Minors Baseball and U9 Softball levels, one parent per team needs to keep score at games. There will be training set up early in the season for those who haven’t done this before.
  • Parents will be asked to help to set up fields before games and put things away afterwards. Again, we have lots of people who can show you what to do.
  • Each team will need one parent to be the Team Manager to help organize team communications, volunteer activities for that team, and other off-field communications or activities that the coach might need help with. When your team is formed, the head coach will be in touch about this role.

Thank you in advance for all that you do to make each season a success!

If you’re interested in getting involved with the organization and administration of Lakehill ball, get in touch with any Board member or send an email to